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Technology platforms that integrate multiple data sets and use descriptive and predictive analytics to transform your understanding of the patient journey and improve health outcomes


Prospection uses longitudinal patient data sets to analyse, predict and visualise insights. Our Geo-spatial mapping platform helps locate where patients are treated and the doctors that treat them.


Easy to navigate, our proprietary cloud based platforms use advanced algorithms and machine learning to understand the patient journey at any point in the product life cycle. 


Our commercial, clinical and data experts are always on hand to help you navigate the tools and interpret the data.


PharmDash is a real-world evidence platform that delivers insights into the use, value and outcomes of different healthcare interventions

Patient Data

Understand the patient treatment journey from first initiation, for different disease states. Including demographics, geographical location, prescriber, gender, patient segmentation.

Market Dynamics

Understand drug utilisation for a disease state, what treatments are taken and when. Including how treatments are used in different lines, co-medications, drug regimens, source of business for different drugs.

Product Lifecycle Management

Real world evidence regardless of product lifecycle. Supporting matrix teams across Marketing, Medical, HEOR, Market Access, Clinical Operations.


Manage performance of your life science business with our Commercial Effectiveness SaaS platform, integrating commercial and operational data to a single view using geospatial mapping algorithms

Power of Map

Making insights meaningful through geospatially presented data. Helping you identify patterns and trends based on geography and location, PharmMap overlays many different data sets based on sales, activity, hospitals, prescribers, population density and disease prevalence.

Patient Focused

PharmMap helps you focus on patients, with its zoom in and zoom out feature across report dimensions. Whether its applying RWE indication splits, regimens, doses to analysing your brand portfolio, you can examine your relative competitiveness by geography, indication, disease area using our simple, yet powerful visualisations.

Prospection Labs

Advanced Analytics using technology platforms for customised solutions.
Our R&D capability is at the forefront of machine learning (ML) to support all parts of the product lifecycle and healthcare value chain

Market Intelligence

Integrating multiple data sets to find insights on the patient treatment journey and help market understanding.

Customised Solutions

Supporting your most challenging business problems, we integrate data, analyse and visualise results. Supporting you with Clinical Trial feasibility, HEOR & Market Access, Patient Journey Maps, Market Segmentation, Brand Plan and Forecasting.

Product Lifecycle

Understanding patients at any stage of the product life cycle, Prospection works with clinical, medical, market access, HEOR, marketing and sales teams.

Predictive Analytics

Prospections R&D capability is experimenting with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms utilising integrated historical data sets to predict future health outcomes of disease populations.

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